My Heart Goes Out To Jacklyn Jose

Jacklyn Jose’s tearful revelation about her daughter’s real condition ended the speculation about Andi Eigenmann’s rumored pregnancy. Yes, the young beauty is on the family way; 18 weeks to be exact. I have to check if it was Good Housekeeping or Smart Parenting (two of my favorite local magazines) that featured Jacklyn and Andi some months back this year. Andi’s room was featured on that magazine and I thought, this young miss is enjoying the hell out her life! Getting married or even having a serious relationship was the farthest thing from Andi’s mind, I thought. (And she looked so attached to Jackly; she seemed to be enjoying her single life!)

I particularly took interest on Andi when she was just a young girl. Why, she was such a doll! If my memory serves me right, she tried acting at a young age and she used Andi Guck as her screen name. Years later, she was launched through a teleserye “Agua Bendita.” She seemed to be focused on her showbiz career minus her (serious) lovelife; never mind her heated exchange of online messages with a fellow actor who was her ex-boyfriend.

Now, it is confirmed that the 21-year old actress is on the family way. I feel what Jacklyn is feeling. Her young daughter will soon become a parent minus a partner who’s supposed to support her (Andi). Her daughter will have to leave showbiz at the peak of her blossoming career. Her daughter’s showbiz fate is uncertain and we don’t know how Andi’s fans will react.

Nevertheless, we should not put Andi down. It’s her life, anyway. She made a mistake and she’s now suffering the consequences of it; that of a possible fall of her showbiz career and that of being a single parent; not that I mean that being a single parent is a sin but the complexities of being a single parent especially for a young lady like Andi.