Credit Grabbing People

“I did it.”

“It was made possible through my efforts.”

“This is my idea.”

“This could never happen without me.”

I was in college when I came across a credit grabbing teammate. We were working on a project and she was the appointed leader of the group. We noticed that everytime she would discuss the progress of our project to our professor, she would say “I did it” instead of “We did it.” The first time she did it, we just let it pass. Maybe she was overwhelmed or maybe we were paranoid. But after the third time and with my feisty character at that time, I decided to tell her that she was being unfair to the group. That she’s not supposed to let it appear that we were doing nothing for the project. That her being a credit-grabber was starting to get on our nerves. There was a heated exchange of arguments between the two of us and naturally, our teammates sided with me. We patched things up for the sake of the project and good thing, she became aware that being a credit-grabber would create enemies, not friends.

Actually, there’s a level of being a credit grabber in each one of us. Everybody wants to feel special and be put on a pedestal. But it is usually the one who grabs ALL the credit that irritates us. We want to have that slice of the cake that we baked along with the credit grabber, don’t we? The credit grabber must have the decency to at least make us feel that, although he is the star, we are the supporting actors.

I learned that aside from pride, insecurity plays a big role in credit grabbing. A person so secured of his capabilities won’t need as big recognition as what a credit grabber wants to achieve. The next time you chance upon a credit grabber, let him grab all the credits and let people believe in his false capabilities, it won’t last anyway to surface what kind of person or employee he truly is. 😉