Happy Daddy’s Day!

Dear Daddy, Lolo and Tito,

We don’t know where to start because we’re not sure if you will appreciate this mushiness. Anyway, we have every reason to greet you on Father’s Day because of the following:

Daddy, this is Chang. The first time that Mommy informed us about marrying you, I had no apprehensions on that because I know that you are her Mr. Right. I’ve seen her fallen head over heels with her so-called love of her life and that love brought her into a downward spiral. With you, I saw the changes in her like regaining her faith in God. Money is truly not everything and I’ve never seen her with such kind of peace of mind until you two became a couple. I know we have different upbringings and we are both adjusting to co-exist. I am just too glad because you accepted me and treated me as if Adi and I are not half-siblings.

Daddy, this is Adi. Everybody in the house says that I am the baby in the family and I can feel that. Sometimes, in my young age, I can’t help but maintain the responsibility of being the clown and toy in the family. I am so used in being the center of attention. I love our playtime (Mommy is boring). While you are the disciplinarian in the family and Mommy is “one-of-us,” I harbor no ill feelings towards you because I know how much you love us.

Papa, this is Chang. Living with my grandparents gave me the opportunity to be a spoiled brat in a positive way. With my grandparents, I learned the value of taking care of other people who are in need. While Mommy hated the lack of privacy in our house when she was little, I loved being visited by people and I guess that gave me the flexibility that Mommy sometimes lacked. Thank you for taking care of me while my biological father was unable to do that.

Papa, this is Adi. You are so fun to be with and I can’t help to push myself to grow fast. I would like to spend summer vacations with you. We will go bird-hunting and biking. We will go around the town in a motorcycle. You say that all three of your grandchildren are your favorite: Ate Chang because she is the first grandchild, Ate Kai because she is so smart and me, because I am the first grandson. You are also our favourite grandfather because you exert the effort to communicate with us.

Kuya M, this is Chang. Mommy can attest to how much I adore you. You are more “masungit” than Mommy but I’ve always loved that “kasungitan.” Maybe because I was looking for a father figure in you and Papa that is why I became close to both of you. Thank you for helping me with my homeworks before. I’ve always thought that you are better than Mommy when it comes to academics. 😉

Kuya M, this is Adi. You say that I am your handsome nephew and Mommy feels happy whenever you say that. (Of course, I’ve got most of my features from her!) Maybe I am asking too much but I am hoping to have a male cousin from you. If that is not possible, it’s okay because we’re happy with Ate Kai.

Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to all three of you!

Chang and Adi