Nearly Knocked Off By A Sleeping Gas

I hailed a cab yesterday morning in EDSA, just a few meters away from Philam Homes. After around five minutes, I felt dizzy and I couldn’t breathe. I could feel I could pass out any moment.I tried to open the window but it was tight; I couldn’t roll it down. I gathered all my remaining strength and pretended to be suffering from LBM. I asked the driver to pull over because I would poopoo. (Yuck! Hehehe) Fortunately, he let me get out of the cab. I paid him while looking at the cab’s plate number and operator’s name.

I spent the next 10 minutes in 7-11, trying to figure out if my dizziness was caused by a chemical or not. If the cab had a faulty radiator, why would my system react to it that fast? It would take a strong chemical to knock a person off in less than five minutes.

I was not even wearing my earrings yesterday. I only had my wristwatch and pricey wedding ring. The company-issued laptop was inside an ordinary knapsack and my handbag was the ordinary one. I could say that the most expensive personal item with me yesterday was the wedding ring and it was not even noticeable.

I shall be finding out about the operator and owner of this cab. God is so good, He saved me from this one.