Are You A Poser?

I came across a thread in Pinoy Exchange’s Buhay Pinoy section about a pexer’s wife revealing the identity of some three or four pexers. It happened to be her husband who had been victimizing pexers, both male and female; who had been pretending to be a person he was not. Some of the pexers got affected because some of them “hooked up” with the female alternick of the poser. It could be a case of net addiction on the poser’s part and living in his fantasy world was his way of getting even with life.

When I decided to put my real name on WordPress, I knew that my privacy would be vulnerable but I wanted to have an honest and transparent blog so that was it. I just put some regulations on my blog like being responsible and careful about my personal opinion on some hot topics. My WordPress is also very different from my blogs in the past because I do not post personal pictures here. I do not mention the real names of family and friends that I write about; I respect their privacy.

Using my real name will prevent the risk of creating a character that is not really me like age, civil status, social status and achievements. If I were using a different username, I might be tempted to pose myself as someone rich, successful and devastatingly beautiful.