When Texting Aint Good

Somebody’s gonna regret what she has told me on the text; for sure, she will receive my delayed messages. Lol! Sometimes, the text is not a good medium for a string of conversations. Better yet, use the phone to confirm decisions and to validate assumptions.

Texting aint good when:
1. You have a quarel with your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Believe me, you will read the message according to how you feel about the situation. If you’re angry, you will feel that his/her every text message is an insult.
2. When giving instructions- Not every person will understand what you’re talking about if you won’t elaborate it.
3. When you need an urgent reply- Call the person, he might be out of load.
4. When you are already irritated on the person- Just like item number 1, if you feel you are already annoyed, talk with the person through phone or in person.