If I Could Travel Back In Time


If I could travel back in time
I would make the right choices
I would spend my day smiling and helping others
I would drop fair-weather friends and unhealthy relationships
I would learn how to cook with my mother as my coach
I would stay with my grandmother until the time she expires
I would never enter into abusive relationships
I would use my laptop very hard until it breaks down
I would donate more to the needy
I would confront those that are mean to my family
I would play with my daughter until she falls asleep
I would thank those who helped me and my family survive the bad times

I’ve always been fascinated by time travel. Time is an important element in my life. I could never bring back the people who expired, the relationships that were lost and the opportunities that slipped in my hands. But I have the present time to cherish the moments that I have with the present people/opportunities and events that I have with me.

I am just a person wishing that someday, time traveling will be possible…….