What If A Friend Unfriends You?

There is a tool that is capable of knowing if a Facebook friend unfriends you. Try to search it. It’s interesting to know who among your so-called friends have left you specially if you have a large number of friends on Facebook. It would have been easier to track friends if you have less than 50 friends on Facebook. My question, is it necessary to know who among your friends unfriended you? Would it hurt that much if someone leaves you on Facebook?

There are reasons why a person unfriend a friend. Here are they:
1. To avoid being exposed- Let’s get real–there are people that we feel comfortable showing our true self and there are some people that we tend to pretend being somebody we are not. If majority of his friends belong to his make-believe world, then he wouldn’t be comfortable having you around.
2. The ex-factor-If an ex suddenly unfriends you, I bet he has a new woman in his life now. Lol!
3. One sided friendship- Maybe you think you have a strong connection with that person…well, that’s what you think. He probably does not think of you in the same way.
4. You’ve done something awful- You probably did something that put your friend in embarassment. You probably uploaded his baby photo that he wouldn’t share with anyone.
5. You’re getting twittery- If you are broadcasting everything that’s happening in your life, your friends will find you attention-seeker and at times, proud!

Friendship is more than just connecting through the web. Real and honest friendships find time to communicate in the real world.