Jealousy Is Bad For Your Pocket

Stumbled upon this post about keeping up with the Joneses, flaunting on Facebook every material things that you have just bought and being too materialistic.

One thing that I find superficial on any networking sites is people trying to be somebody that they are not in real life. Okay, it’s fine to tell your friends that you’ve been to these places but please, it’s annoying to see you posing in every corner of the place where you have just been. It is like, “Duh, as if we care if you’ve tasted this and that, tried this and that!”

I know of someone who has a huge credit card bill because she just can’t accept that her friend has this and that while she is stuck in the same old furniture, electronic appliances and wardrobe. Heck, her friend is earning twice or even thrice as much as she earns! Why bother to compete with someone if you can’t even pay your utilities on time?

Jealousy is bad for your pocket. It brings out the insecurities in you. The more you compete with someone, the more money is spent on unnecessary things…and it leaves you wanting more to spend more to cover your insecurities.