Love According To My Brother

“If you get tired of someone, then you are never really in love with her.”
~comments my youngest brother

I disagree. You can get tired of someone but you can still be very much in love with her. You can leave someone but it doesn’t mean that you are no longer attracted to her. It’s all about compatibility and benefits. You don’t stay with someone who wears a strong cologne even if she knows it could make you sick. You don’t stay with someone that you think will be a liability rather than an asset. Love is very romanticized; thus it becomes unrealistic.

I fell in love once with someone but that someone was easy-go-lucky and had a different culture than me. I cut the budding romance because I don’t think either of us would give in to each other’s MUSTS.

I stayed with someone for a long time. I was sick and tired with what’s happening to our relationship but I stayed, knowing that he could be a good provider for me and our future family. He cut the relationship and found someone better than me. I was sick and tired of the relationship, sticked with him through the years, loved him and yet he chose to leave me. He was content in me, even telling me that I was the perfect wife material, realized that he could not live with someone with a past, found a better partner and then left me. We both LOVED. But we never stayed forever in the name of love.

Love is a complicated thing…. once, I fell in love with someone. But that someone had someone in his life. But that’s another story!