An Old Picture

I saw an old picture of my youngest brother and my mother on the former’s Facebook account. I found myself shedding tears after that. I miss my mother very much; she was the center of our universe. I was touched by my youngest brother’s gestures; that of making their picture as his profile picture in Facebook. Just like me, he has moved on with his life without Mama but he never let go of her in his heart and mind.

Old pictures either make me cry or laugh. It brings me memories of my past life with people that mattered to me. I still keep my exes pictures even if the separation was not cordial. I believe that my past defines my future; I will never be this person without the people that I met years back.

My mother was the prettiest creature for me. It’s rare to see a child openly telling people about how she admires her mother’s looks. It’s common for parents to tell the world that their child is the bestlooking child in the world. My mother’s big brown eyes reflects her generous character. They were always ready to gaze even at the most unpleasant people. I can give a dagger look to those that I loathe but not my mother. My mother’s lips were always red with lipstick while I prefer the pale look. I loved trying on her imported lipsticks from New York which her friends give to her as pasalubong.
I loved my mother’s sense of style, a fashionista in her own way. I am just your regular denim and shirt girl and I don’t feel comfortable wearing jewelries.

The world could have a thousand pictures of my mother but her picture is etched forever in my heart and mind; nobody could steal it. Not the flood, not the fire, not anything, not anybody……