Pakistan and Osama

I don’t know if I should call it prophetic insight but I’ve always thought that Osama Bin Laden could never be in Afghanistan years after the 911 attack. To be exact, I’ve always thought of him hiding in the wilderness of Pakistan. Osama could never stay that long in Afghanistan because he knew that that place would be the prime target of the American military. The fall of the Taliban is another factor why I thought Osama fled Afghanistan and seek domicile to another country. Then why Pakistan? Pakistan is geographically near to Afghanistan and it is also a Muslim country. The question whether the Paki government was aware of his presence in Pakistan is a subject of debate. I, for myself, believe that there are some Paki officials who helped him get through Pakistan. Osama’s wife was said to leave for Yemen and then came back to Pakistan. Amal, being the wife of a high profile international terrorist, could even be escorted by some Paki officials while traveling to and from the airport.

America spent billions of dollars as foreign aid to Pakistan. Now, it seems that Pakistan is a double player on this: being friendly to both the Al Qaeda leader and to the American government. Who’s really running the show from the start?