Of Saints and Royals

Princess Diana passed away in 1997 and so is Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011 while Pope John Paul II was beatified on the same year.

I’ve always been fascinated by royals. I was a young girl when Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer that is why I don’t have a recollection of their wedding. But I was very fond of Princess Diana. She was a charming lady and she seemed sweet and generous, too. I was in high school when she exposed her marital problems. I learned that despite being a royal, she was not spared from problems that us, ordinary people encounter. I shed a tear when she died on a car accident in 2007. I think even Patricia Evangelista (GMA reporter) shed a tear, too. Prince Wiliam got his looks from the Spencers. Sometimes, I see him glancing like the way Diana did. During his wedding, he was looking at Princess Katherine in a loving way. Is it just me who saw Prince Harry looking at Princess Katherine and he seemed to be admiring his sister-in-law’s bridal beauty?

Princess Diana was called the “Queen of Hearts” because of her charitable missions. Mother Theresa was the champion of the masses, the poorest of poor and the outcasts of society. She was a living saint and every Catholic’s inspiration and role model. Pope John Paul II was the “people’s pope.” He was charismatic, enthusiastic and people from all walks of life, religion and beliefs respect and adore him. Karol Wojtyla came a long way from being a laborer and a seminarian to one of Catholic churche’s most recognized member.