Latest Nestle’ Commercial

Does true love still exist? The latest Nestle’ products commercial is trying to send a message that soulmates do exist and love must be nurtured to keep a relationship intact.

The commercial starts with a young boy captivated by the young girl’s beauty. Unaware of the milk residue on his face, he watches the young girl as she dances. The young girl saw him with the milk residue on his face and points to her own cheek to convey the message “Wipe that off!”

Years later, the girl came to his rescue when he was being beaten by bullies. Then came the teenage years when they were dancing. Then the wedding, starting a family, dining out in their mid-life, the husband taking care of the sick wife in their senior citizen years and then just like de javu, their own granddaughter dancing just like the grandmother at the start of the commercial.

The commercial is touching and it makes me feel good. It brings me back to the time of my childhood innocence when I thought of marrying my first crush at 10 years old. Nestle’ is telling us that their product has always been with us through the years; good economy or bad economy. It is the same product that nourished our great great great grandparents up to us, present generation. It is the product that has become a common commodity through the years. The commercial speaks of family ties, love at first sight, puppy love, true love and eternal love. And hey, I love the female character in that commercial; I’m beginning to appreciate my wavy locks! Lol!

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