How Not To Be A Doormat

I used to share this common trait with a friend, that of being a doormat. It’s not that I’m too gullible to know the difference between someone who genuinely asks for my help and someone who’s a born user. Let’s just say that by nature, I am the giving type and the user-friendly persons that I am talking about are the receiving type.

Lessons Learned: How Not To Be A Doormat
1. Learn from the ping pong game- Friendship and teamwork is a give and take process. If you’re giving too much love, help and protection to a person but he’s not doing the same, then stop giving. A doormat will do everything to please everybody; I just learned not to please anyone. I don’t care!

2. Learn from the snake- There was once a farmer who saw a dying snake on the road. He took pity of the creature and brought it home. He nursed it, fed it and put it in a nice jar. One day, the farmer was surprised when the now strong snake bit his hand. Surprised and hurt, the farmer asked the snake.
“Why did you bite me? I took good care of you. You should have at least the decency to return that kindness to me!”
The snake just smiled and replied, “My friend, you might be forgetting that by nature, I am still a snake.”
Lesson, you can’t change a person’s character. Just because you helped a person doesn’t mean that he/she will be loyal to you forever. Doormats will justify the snake’s action. I am not a doormat. I will either crash the snake to death or put him into a jar and seal it permanently.
3. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth- Stop being Mr. Nice Guy or Ms. Congeniality; you don’t owe the world their approval. If you feel that you’re being taken for granted, learn how to voice out your concerns.
4. Stay away from negative people, they will drain the last bit of positive energy that you have. It’s not cool to be hanging around with whiners.