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Last Saturday, I spent the whole day reading blogs about Madeleine Mccann. Madeleine is the English girl who disappeared on May 3, 2007. She was three turning four when that happened.

Several blogs are available about Maddie’s case. Two of my favourites are Joana Morais and Goncalo Amaral’s blog. Both blogs suggest that Maddie could have suffered an accident on May 3, 2007. According to the blog, Maddie could have fallen from the sofa while reaching for the window. That fatal accident could happen if she fell head first on the floor. I wonder how a three-year old girl could have fallen from a sofa on that position. Why not legs first or arms first? If she were cuddling her toy while trying to reach for the window, isn’t it more logical that she would fall legs first or arms first?

Maddie was last seen alive at 5:30 PM. Kate gave Maddie and the twins a bath at 7:00 PM. Kate called the police at 10 PM. So what time did Maddie die? (Eddie smelled the scent of a corpse at the floor behind the sofa) It will take one hour for the body to start decomposition. Eddie also smelled the cadaver scent on Kate’s trousers and Maddie’s toy which means to say that Kate came in contact with Maddie’s dead body. Basing from this, I think that Maddie died while trying to go after Kate and Gerry before the couple went to the bar. If the couple went there at around 8PM, then Maddie could have suffered the accident at that time.

Who discovered the dead body? Probably Kate. Who moved the dead body. Probably Gerry. Who witnessed the accident aside from Kate? Probably their friend Mr. Payne. Why are their friends mum about what really happened? Because they left their young ones, too and they were afraid that they will be charged with negligence, too.

On the other side of the coin, I’d like to analyze the abduction theory. Jane Tanner saw a man carrying a child of Maddie’s size. I wonder why “Maddie” was on sleeping position when Jane saw the man carrying her. Is it possible for a young girl not to be awakened when someone carries her? Or would that deep sleep support the speculations that the Mccanns were using sedatives to put their children to sleep? Assuming that the abductor was walking on that direction when Jane Tanner saw him carrying a child, where was he heading to? Wouldn’t it be more logical if he would go the other way so as not to be noticed by the group?

Abducted or dead, I am curious about Maddie’s relationship with her parents. I am curious about the Mccanns and how they dealt with Maddie’s disappearance. (I read that one restaurant owner heard Kate laughing with a friend days after Maddie disappeared. She must have a good sense of humor to be able to laugh after her daughter’s disappearance.)

The truth will set us all free. The truth shall come out one day.

3 thoughts on “More On Maddie

  1. I believe Madeleine died in 5a but
    how her body was disposed of is the sticking point.Where could it have been disposed of within such a
    small window of opportunity before the Police arrived. Apparently the
    Portugese think she was thrown from nearby Cliffs in a weighted
    bag into the Sea. Still have to wonder whose transport was used.
    We know the McCanns did not go
    searching with the others, Kate
    said ,”well you know like, we were busy”.


    • On the lighter note, Madeleine is more fortunate because of the huge number of people who’s worried about her. Eight months ago, I posted about a missing boy named Ramram and to date, little information is known about him. There are also several missing children out there who deserve our concern and vigilance.

      I have a soft heart about children and it breaks my heart to hear cases of child abuse and missing kids. I hope every missing kids find their way back home.
      I hope every parent becomes a better parent for their kids.


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