Looking For A Book Publisher

Everytime I look at my baby, there is this burning desire to pursue my dream of writing children’s book. I have expressed my intention to pursue this dream before a crowd of familar faces in the office and one of them seemed eager to help me find a publisher.

I grew up reading books published by Adarna; I wonder if they are interested in my stories.

When I was in elementary, I used to write stories using a typewriter. Writing has always been my passion; there was a time when I dreamed of becoming a scriptwriter someday. My late mother told me that I probably got my artistic instincts on her father’s side of the family. Some of her relatives there are good singers, dancers, painters, columnists and opera musicians. So there, it’s in the genes!

Artists are said to be emotional and I was like like that until I took up engineering. Somehow, engineering was able to balance the functions of my left brain (logical) and right brain (artistic)

I usually write good stories and poems when depressed. I could only write children’s book now that I’m happy with my life. 🙂