Super Moon, Full Moon, Blue Moon

Miel and I watched the super moon last Sunday morning. It was so big and according to the astronomers, the average distance of the moon to the earth at that time was only at 356,000 kms. I think the normal average distance must be at 384,000 kms. I have always been a great fan of heavenly bodies. Constellations, the sun, the moon, falling stars and comet never cease to amaze me!

Once in my young and romantic life, I texted my then bf who was kilometers away from me.
Me: Miss na kita. Uy, tingin ka sa labas, sa langit, ha? (I miss you. Hey, can you look at the sky outside?)
Bf: Ah, baket? (Uhm, why?)
Me: Wala lang. Tignan mo yung full moon. (Nothing. Just look at the full moon.)
Bf: O, tapos? (And then?)
Me: Pag nakita mo yan, malalalaman mo na miss na miss kita. (If you saw the full moon, you’ll know how much I miss you.)
Bf: A, ganun? (Oh, yeah?)
Hahahahaha! OMG, I could shrink at the thought of it! I could never imagine myself being so hopelessly romantic again! Yuck! And worse, I shared my romantic instincts with somebody who was not romantic like me. Jason, now you know why I said I’m just sweet (and not romantic) Period.

I have too much luck with the moon but maybe this is the ultimate moon experience I ever had. My first bf and I witnessed the blue moon sometime in 1998. Old folks said that when you are with your partner during a blue moon, then the two of you will stay together forever. Here’s the catch: two years later, bf and I parted ways. Thanks to the blue moon!

Oh, I remember I had weird moods during full moons. My mother used to say, “Pagpasensyahan nyo na, bilog ang buwan. Matindi ang sumpong!”

Moon cakes, anyone?