Six Things About Jason

Friendship is important to me. I consider a few trusted people as my circle of friend. Jason is one of them. Our friendship has evolved from being too focused on my vulnerable lovelife to discussing financial/investment matters. How well do I know him? Maybe not that much yet as we have a lifetime to discover more about each other’s similarities and differences. The items below are the things about Jason that matters to me.

1. He is a Scorpion like me. I have a hard time remembering birthdays and it’s easier for me to recall a person’s zodiac sign. Jason is a Scorpion like me: passionate, loyal and temperamental. His passion to make good at his profession is something that isn’t obvious to those who doesn’t know him well. Yes, the guy looks easy-go-lucky. His loyalty to those that mattered to him is commendable. I have yet to hear him badmouth a friend or a mentor. Just like me, his moods are unpredictable especially during his younger years. (Thank God I’m past that stage now!)

2. He is one of my BBF (Boy Best Friend). I got the term BBF after watching Richard Gutierrez’s “My Valentine Girls.” I feel comfortable and safe sharing my life stories with him. I think we really got very close during my vulnerable period. He practically saved me from losing my sanity by just being there to “listen.” He was the first person outside of my family to know about me entering into a new relationship, getting engaged, getting married and having a new baby. He’s the only person outside of my family to know about the ups and downs of my career.
3. There was a time when my ex was jealous of him. Don’t ask who among my exes but this ex of mine came to the point of asking me if there was ever a time that I felt I was or at least, I was close to falling in love with my BBF. “Maybe yes maybe no” was my answer. That was an unsafe yet honest answer, I know, and that added up to my ex’s speculation that his gut feelings were valid but for the sake of transparency and truthfulness, “Maybe yes maybe no” was the right answer.
The MAYBE YES: Love is measured in many different ways and I love Jason for being him.
The MAYBE NO: I loved my ex when we were still together and that love distracted me from falling in love with other men. On the other hand, I have always been fond of Jason’s relationship with the love of his life and that prevented me from establishing a deeper, more than platonic relationship with him.

4. He is his worst critic. He sees himself as stagnant and average for whatever
reasons. What I see in him is a person who’s trying to achieve most out of life.

5. He is a bookworm. He loves information to the point of info overload.
6. It may not show but he is a loving kuya to his siblings.