Teacher Talk

Teachers are our second parents, we stay with them most of our waking time as young children. Teachers can make or break a student. Teaching is a noble profession and one must consider it as a vocation in order to be an effective teacher. No, I am not saying that teachers must be sweet. In fact, most of the teachers who are on the sweet side are being taken for granted by their students. No, I don’t want a teacher who terrorizes his/her students. I want the following characteristics in a teacher.

1. He must be intelligent
– I am not saying that he must be Einstein- like. A teacher must be diligent in order to be intelligent. He must study his lessons in advance so that he can answer his students’ questions. If he is an English teacher, then he must be very good in speaking and writing the language. If he is a Math teacher, he must be good in problem solving and computations. Until now, whenever I remember Ms. Yolly Pruna, my grade 4 teacher, I regard her as an intellectual. She’s good in both English and Math. When it comes to Physics, nobody can beat Mrs. Mila Tagorio.

2. He must be patient.
– Not all students are equal in intelligence and comprehension. A teacher must know this. In reality, teachers prefer those who are smart and bright. There’s this silent discrimination on the slow learners. Some teachers resort to verbal and physical abuse when a student cannot catch up with the lessons. I know of a teacher who knocks hard on her students’ head whenever they could not understand the lessons.

3. He must watch his words.
-Words hurt more than spanks. “Tanga, bobo, pangit!”—these words hurt a student’s pride. But aside from these words, a teacher must refrain from making judgmental remarks.

4. He must put in his head that being a cleaner is not a student’s core responsibility.
– Most, if not all, public schools assign their students to do the cleaning. Students clean the classroom and school ground in the morning and in the afternoon. Ms. Flor de Jesus was my teacher in grade 2. She was Mrs. Gloria Castillo’s substitute. My cleaning schedule was twice a week but because she admired me for being hardworking, I voluntarily cleaned everyday! Hahaha! She was the opposite of one teacher who reprimanded me for just standing instead of going to the school ground to clean. I told her that my classmate asked for my help to open the classroom windows that was why I was standing. The window was too big for a 5th grader and I needed to support the other end of the capiz window for her to open it.

5. He must be prudent.
-With a number of sexual harassment, sexual molestation and even rape charged against a teacher, parents must get to know the personality of their children’s teachers.

6. He must be fair.
– Not every student is pretty, cute, intelligent and rich. Teachers must know that and they must not be the ones implicating those differences in their studenst.
“X is my favorite because they own this business.”
“Throw these flowers (santan given by student A) to give room to B’s flowers (Holland roses).