Crazy Things That I Did For Love

1. The year was 1998 and cellphones were not quite popular back then. My then bf agreed that we would meet at their house after classes. Both of us were not aware of the typhoon signal. I was at the middle of a classroom discussion when the messenger sent a memo to my instructor that the Dean suspended the classes due to storm signal # 3. A Nepalese neighbor asked me if I wanted to go home with him. I told him that I would be seeing my boyfriend. I took a cab and went to my boyfriend’s house. My then boyfriend was surprised to see me. He said he didn’t expect me to come as he became aware of the typhoon.

2. I could be paranoid at times. My then (2nd) boyfriend and I agreed that he would go to my place after work. I did not eat supper because I was expecting that he would take me out. When it was 9PM, I ate some crackers and texted him. He was not replying. I fell asleep after that and when I woke up at 2AM, there was still no text message from him. I texted some of his officemates to check if he was with them. They said that they left him in the office. I was very worried that something bad happened to him. He was accident-prone and always absent-minded. At 2:30 AM, I decided to go to the office and asked the security guard on duty if he happened to see my boyfriend around. I went to his office and found nobody there. His PC was still warm; a sign that he must have left just earlier when I arrived. I went to the satellite police station not knowing what to do (forgive me, I was just 24 then, easily frightened) Then, I called up one of his officemates and told him that my boyfriend was missing.
“Iris, believe me, he’s just unwinding somewhere else,” he said.
“No, he’s not. It’s very unusual of him not to text me. Could you go here in front of the police station and accompany me to the police?”

After 10 minutes, my then (2nd) boyfriend arrived, unimpressed. Hehehe….I should have listened to his officemate that he could be unwinding somewhere else.

3. Miel gave me an engagement ring after a month of dating. I consider it the craziest thing that I did for love. No woman in her right mind would easily accept a marriage proposal from her boyfriend whom she barely knew. But I was in love and when I’m in love, I do the crazy things that I wouldn’t do when I’m not in love.