Roses For You!

I’ve always been a great fan of roses. There’s something in this flower that awakens the romantic side of me. Allow me to reminisce my romantic moments with this flower.

White rose- I got my first white rose from a puppy love if you could call dating someone at 17 a puppy love. His love was pure and intense. We were young. He was ready for a relationship, I was not. He was a gentleman, I was immature. I hurt him many times, he forgave me more than those many times. He set me free when I met my first real relationship.

Red Rose- My first red rose came from a law student. He was seven years older than me. He was experienced, I was a neophyte. He wanted to go back to his youth, I wanted to know how it felt like to be twenty-five. He dated a number of women, slept with them and was still casual with them, I had no experience at all when it comes to relationships. At some point, he nearly took advantage of my innocence, I was lucky to found friends to protect me from him. The match did not materialize. He ended up with my friend. For some reasons, he wanted me to date his friend who was a law student, too. He set up the date for us. Law Student # 2 gave me red roses, too. We went to Camp John Hay. It was very cold that day. He offered me his jacket. I politely refused to get it. He held my trembling hands. Just like Law Student # 1, he was older than me and experienced. I knew that the match would not materialize. Two weeks after that date, I became closer with my future first boyfriend. He was a classmate; snobbish and aloof. Maybe the projects that we did together became the bridge that moved us close to one another. Before I knew it, we were dating. He gave me red roses on Valentine’s Day. It was my first Valentine’s with a boyfriend. A week after Valentine’s, Law Student # 2 visited me at the boarding house. There were red roses on my bed. I was touched. I thanked him and I told him that I needed to sleep.
“See you tomorrow at school,” he said.
After my Technical Drawing Class 2, he was outside the classroom. He offered to carry my T-square. My first boyfriend arrived. Both of them were clueless of each other. I broke my silence, I introduced them to each other. Law Student # 2 was silent. I didn’t mean to hurt him. I was just being honest to my feelings. I was very much in love with my first boyfriend.

Artificial Pink Rose- My second boyfriend could me every materials things that I wanted except a flower. It was our first Valentine’s Day. He gave me artificial pink roses. He justified why he gave me an artificial one instead of fresh ones by saying that plastic roses could last forever. Our love story was doomed from the start. It was complicated and stressful. No wonder, we didn’t last. I said to myself, if he would give me yellow roses, the fresh ones and not the plastic ones, then I would stay in the relationship and I wouldn’t mind our differences. I waited for the yellow roses. I waited until the relationship had to end.

Yellow Roses- My third boyfriend and my future husband was short of the qualities that I was looking for in a partner. He was five years my junior and the idea of dating somebody younger did not appeal to me. He was religious, I was an atheist. Okay, to make it less harsh, maybe I was agnostic. But love really moves in mysterious ways. I embraced his religion and did not felf uncomfortable with the 5-year age gap. In my mind, if he could give me a yellow rose, no questions asked, I would marry him. He gave me yellow roses on two separate occasions. That was it, I took the cue and accepted his engagement ring.

My husband loves me to give me roses. The last rose that I received from him was last October, for my birthday. =)