Mom and Tweener

Chang: Mommy, what were you doing when you were my age?
I: I was timid then.
Chang: Hahaha! Really?
I: But I was cute.
Chang: Now it doesn’t show.
I: I think I was a latebloomer. I started being noticed in college.
Chang: And then?
I: And then I got my first boyfriend then.
Chang: Ah, that was daddy.
I: Yes, your ugly dad. (joking)
Chang: Is college life so hard?
I: When you don’t have enough funds.
Chang: I think I want to be an IT.
I: Go ahead. It’s a nice course.
Chang: I want a second course, too. Like culinary arts.
I: That’s an expensive course.
Chang: I’ll work first before getting a second course. Then I’ll finance Adi’s education.
I: I don’t think so.
Chang: And why?
I: You might get married after college.
Chang: Of course not! Hahaha!
I: Then, thanks. Thanks for the promise.(in a bored tone)
Chang: Eh, why are you annoyed?
I: I am not!
Chang: Yes, you are. The facial expression.
I: Duh, I am just bored!
Chang: Bored!
I: Of course it’s not because of you. I easily get tired. I am old. Don’t get too affected.

Chang, I will remember the day that you promised that you will finance Adi’s education. Hehehe…. It’s good to have beautiful kids that I am longing to be with when I am not at home.