Decluttering My Closet and Shoe Rack

So, I’m starting the year positive and bright as much as possible. A friend turned minimalist and I am one of his followers. I decided it’s time to assess what’s inside my closet and what’s on my shoe rack because I could be keeping unwanted stocks.

I started with my underwear drawer. I threw away old socks and brassiers.

Then, I went to check on my shoes, flip flops and sandals. I decided to let go of my black boots eventhough it was my favorite. The irreparable hole on it would not be good on my uniform. I let go of an old blue sneakers that I was not using for the past two years. The old pink sneakers must go, too. I decided to include Chang’s violet sneakers, too. The old yellow sandals were not impressive anymore, the blue clogs needed overhauling and the red flip flops looked boring.

My final destination was my closet. I removed all my clothes that I felt inappropriate to my age. It’s good to see those clothes being worn by my tweener especially the cropped green jacket and the nice green dress. I gave the other clothes to Adi’s nanny and she took a look at the shoes/sandals/flip flops to check if she wanted any.

It’s good to see my closet reflecting the real inventory of what I have and what I need. I don’t need too much clothes. I don’t need too much footwear.