Love Thy Neighbor? It Depends!

My husband and I clearly made this a rule: “Love thy neighbor.” We consider our neighbors as our second family. It’s nice to be giving and receiving foods from them. We look after each other’s kids when the mother is busy doing her household chores. It’s a nice set up. I love it!

We are also neighbors to the barangay hall so it’s expected that there will be noisy days sometimes. It’s okay if what they’re noisy about is for public service but it’s never okay with me if what they’re noisy about is for their own merry-making session.

I usually keep my cool. Unbelievable but true. It will take sometime before a person gets on my nerve. Humanda ka lang pag napuno ako, you don’t want to see me angry. I did not have a good sleep last Saturday night so I woke up groggy Sunday morning. I put Adi to sleep after lunch and at around 2PM, I was awakened by a loud noise, a siren coming from the barangay patrol. Adi was awakened and cried so loud; frightened. Miel took him and brought him downstairs. Then somebody threw a firecracker near our apartment and I heard Adi cried so loud, more frightened.

I am a peace-loving person but I can be very brave when it comes to protecting my family. I opened the window and checked who threw the firecracker. Around seven barangay tanods were there, also looking at me. I gave each of them a dagger look. Yes, maybe it was not them who threw the firecracker but as a barangay tanod, they should have reprimanded whoever threw it, debah? I shut the window loudly after checking on them.

Look, it’s not the first time that they acted like hari ng barangay . Nobody wanted to oppose them for whatever reason. I could have let the incident pass by had what they did did not frighten my little one.

I will always stand by my family especially if the one affected cannot defend himself.