Marvelous Taheebo!

I resorted to herbal treatment when I felt that my bad cold was not getting any better even if I was taking medication for the past seven days. I asked my father to send me alagaw leaves through my youngest brother who stays with me during school days.

My father sent me alagaw leaves with taheebo. I mixed them in a pot and boiled them. I drank two cups and after that, I was profusely sweating! I don’t think it’s because of the hot drink because the room was cold (ac) Next, my stuffy nose began to feel better.

I called up my father to thank him for the leaves and told him to religiously consume taheebo instead of soda for health benefits.

You might want to try taheebo. I googled it and found this site.

Charlene Gonzales’ taheebo tea and capsule commercial is no bogus after all!