Adi’s Moments

Today is Adi’s 16th month. He moves faster now, he even loves to run and climb the stairs. He can say the following words and he is aware of the meaning of these words:
1. mama- that’s me!
2. daddy- Miel
3. Ate- Chang
4. papa- his grandfather, my father
5. hot
6. cold
7. no/hindi
8. ao- for yes
9. bike- his bicycle
10. play
11. pray
12. Amen
13. dog
14. cat
15. yumyum- pronounced as “mummum”
16. wow!
17. great!-pronounced as “gate!”
18. dede- pertains to his feeding bottle
19. babye!
20. hon- short cut for honey
Oh, these are just of the words that he frequently say. I am amazed at how a small person like him can learn so fast.

Yesterday afternoon, I put him on the stroller and I left the rest room door half open while bathing. Adi saw the bubbles on my hair and he laughed as if I was cracking a joke! He found the bubbles in my hair funny. Boy, my son got my sense of humor!

He loves to kiss the 9-month old baby next door. He even hugs our neighbor’s baby. He puts his stuffed toy to sleep while saying the word “baby!” My little one knows that he’s growing up and anything or any person smaller than him, he regards it/him as a “baby.”

I never felt happier until Adi came to my life. I was also happy when Chang came to my life but I was not ready to be a parent at that time. It takes proper timing to be a better parent. Thank you, Lord, for giving me this second chance at parenthood.