Why I Switched To Huggies Diaper

I was a great fan of a popular diaper until my one year old boy started developing rashes on his diaper line. Worse, Adi would move a lot whenever we would change his diaper. I took the cue; maybe he was not comfortable with his diaper.

I found Huggies in Walter Mart and I initially thought that it was too pricey for a diaper. Anyway, I bought it and changed Adi’s diaper the moment I got home.

My little one stared at the new diaper and out of his curiosity, he cooperated during the changing of diaper. Since then, Adi was no longer cranky whenever we are changing his diaper.

So what’s with Huggies? Huggies is softer and cooler to the skin than its competitor (also a popular brand of diaper). Because of this, it is less-irritating to baby’s skin.

Moms out there, if you are having a hard time changing your little one’s diaper, check it. It might be time to switch to Huggies.

Note: I am not affiliated to Huggies. I am just sharing my opinion on it.