Santa Stories

I was born and baptized as a Catholic. I even attended a Catholic university in college. Christmas was one of my favorite occasions. I loved the family reunion, Christmas shopping, carolling, putting up our 4-ft Christmas tree on a 3-ft high table to make it appear tall and putting a sock under that Christmas tree for Santa’s gifts.

I was four years old when I first received a gift from Santa Claus. I had a sockful of candies and a crisp fifty-peso bill.Christmas was so magical and I believed that there was a Santa Claus. I was twelve years old when I found out that Santa was not real but I kept it to myself so as not to spoil my brother’s belief that Santa was real. That Santa tradition passed from my second sibling to my third sibling to my daughter to my second sibling’s daughter. It was fun to see a child’s face beaming with excitement. That’s priceless.

It has been two years since I converted to INC and we have Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. My daughter is now a tween and my youngest is one year old, the latter won’t have any Christmas experience for sure. I can only tell him that when I was still practicing my old faith, I believed in Santa.

I can only tell him that I received candies and chocolates from Santa.
I can only tell him that his uncle wrote a letter to Santa requesting 10 pieces of good Transformers and 10 pieces of bad Transformers.
I can only tell him that his Ate Chang found out that Santa was not real when she accidentally saw the Santa gifts in the cabinet.