My 2004 Picture

I saw an old photograph of me wearing a halter top. I used to wear that kind of clothes when I was with my boyfriend as I was too easily intimidated by people looking at me. That was in 2004. Six years later plus getting married plus having another kid, I realize that I am more comfortable wearing conservative clothes. In fact, cardigan or jacket is my ally in the office. I feel safe wearing a jacket in a predominantly male office population. Not that I don’t trust my colleagues, huh!

Going back to the halter top, six years ago, I was at the peak of my youth. I am trying to reminisce the things that I did when I was younger. I realize that my young adult life is full of heartaches and frustrations. I could have used that youth and impulsiveness to get back at those who offended me but I chose to be forgiving and just moved on.