How Angelica Panganiban Made Me Cry

Above is the link to Boy Abunda’s article about how Angelica Panganiban learned about her adoption. Some months back, Angelica figured in a bitter fight with a fellow actress who was her friend since their “Ang TV” days. Several weeks before that, she was fighting with that fellow actress’ sister because of Derek Ramsay, her boyfriend.

There was something in Angelica Panganiban’s eyes that caught my attention. Her eyes were filled with kept emotions; sad eyes even when she was smiling. When she was a young girl, I remember that she dreamed of becoming a beauty queen someday. Those were the days when she played second lead to Camille Pratts.

The viewing public never had a hint that she was not her mother’s biological daughter. The only thing that we know was her parents were separated. Seeing her in a picture with her biological father after years of separation really melted my heart. It made me cry.

I felt Angelica’s joy; she felt complete after seeing her father. I wish she was given the chance to see her biological mother but she died in Singapore two years ago. Nevertheless, her love and respect for her is still there.

Many children, adopted or not, take their parents for granted. Many parents, biological or foster, take their children for granted. Angelica loves both her foster and biological family. Hats off to this girl!

2 thoughts on “How Angelica Panganiban Made Me Cry

  1. Angelica,
    Sana mabasa mo ang comment ko.LAm mo mahal na mahal ka nang totoo mong nanay.BAck to 2005 i was an ojt in singapore then naging friend kami nang nanay mo same work kami sa electronics.Then pinagtapat nya sa amin nah anak ka raw nya.Nung nagpunta kami sa bahay nya nakita namin ung collection nya nah mga pix mo simula bata ka pah…Sayang di man lang kayo nagkita.Nagbiro pa kami kay ate before ako umuwi dito sa pinas nah pupuntahan ka namin para sabihin sau ang totoo.Sayang di man lang nagawa ni ate nah ipagtapat sau.Sana sinabi nalang namin sa iyo nung umuwi kami sa pinas nung siguro nakita mo xa bago xa namatay…


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