My 1st Toothache in 25 Years

Toothache sucks! No, I don’t have a dental cavity as I’m very meticulous when it comes to my dental care and hygiene. Three years ago, my dentist recommended to repair my upper molar and did a tooth pasta. The pasta seemed to overflow because my upper and lower teeth didn’t seem to “lock” naturally. So I went back to her a week after and she suggested to redo the filling. This did not solve the problem because that tooth became sensitive to cold liquids and chewing became painful.

Then yesterday morning, three years after the tooth pasta, that tooth became sensitive to hot liquids, too. It was aching the whole day until bedtime; aching as hell!

My friend recommended a good dentist but the clinic is in Olongapo City. An officemate referred a good dentist nearby but I heard that his clinic is usually full of patients/loyal customers.

Mine could be a case of an exposed tooth root. For the meantime, I’m taking mefenamic acid to ease the pain. =(