Oral B Baby Toothbrush

With Adi’s eight baby teeth, he needs to brush his teeth as regular as adults are doing. It’s quite a challenge to brush a 14-month old’s teeth and he doesn’t like the taste of kiddie toothpaste.

Dr. Anna suggested to change his toothbrush and toothpaste because hard bristles and strong flavor might be the reasons why a baby won’t brush his teeth. I checked his musical toothbrush and pressed the bristles. True, it was hard and it probably hurt his gums.

I brought Adi to the grocery and showed him a variety of Oral B toothbrush. He picked the orange toothbrush, it was made of rubber so it wouldn’t slip when wet. Dr. Anna said that Adi could use Xylogel as toothpaste instead of a kiddie toothpaste.

As soon as we got home, I tried brushing Adi’s teeth with Oral B and my little one just loved it! Oral B’s bristles are soft and ideal for babies. When it comes to toothbrush, you’ll never have a hard time brushing your kid’s teeth with Oral B.;)