Our Chicharon Business

With the unstable condition of our economy, Miel and I decided to invest our money in a small business. Miel is more of a gambler than me; it follows that it was he who swayed me into taking most of our savings from the bank and start a chicharon manufacturing business.

Okay, I am familiar with benefit-cost studies as it is what I exactly do in my current employment. So it clearly, my role from the start would be that of a financial consultant. I also act the role of a business strategist while Miel takes care of the operations.

I didn’t expect that putting up a small kitchen with adobe furnace would cost us that much. Much more, I didn’t expect that our workers needed more guidance from us as they came from a leading chicharon maker. They rejected a sack full of imported pork skin and good thing, I didn’t raise hell about it. Instead, I took it as a non-verbal message that our workers needed us during our operations.

I take pride of our chicharon. Crunchy, tasty and affordable. I so love the backfat dipped in vinegar. Yum yum!

Next concern is our marketing. We have two regular customers who supply the Metro Manila and Quezon province area. We are not profiting from them much as our pork skin (raw material) price is high and we maintain the competitor’s price. Miel and I are into searching of a lower priced pork skin with the same quality; we cannot compromise quality at this start up stage.

We accept wholesale and retail order in as far as Isabela, Nueva Ecija and Bataan. We’re just starting and so far, we can see that our small business is promising.

Distributors are most welcome. Any takers? 🙂