Of Gold Stilletos and Green Flats

Some women are just drawn to wear high heels. And why not, it’s chic, trendy and sexy; never mind if one gets tired legs or aching heels. Corporate or office girls are the usual fanatic of stilletos. I wonder how they beat the time during rush hours when the lift is full and they have to resort to using the stairs on their way to their office floor.

I used to have gold stilletos that I used at the wedding of my friend. It took me a month to learn how to wear it and walk effortlessly. The stilletos made me taller by three inches and it was just the perfect shoes for my gown. After the wedding, I gave away those gold stilletos because I knew that I would never be comfortable wearing those.

I love flat shoes because I feel like I’m just wearing a pair of slippers. The comfort of flats is undeniable specially if you’re a busy careerwoman who’s always on the go. My green flats is a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law. It’s true that your thrash could be another person’s treasure because her green flats are just too fashionable and comfortable; things that she never appreciated when she was still the owner.