Wart Cautery

How much does wart cautery cost in your place? I got mine for 300 pesos (US$ 6.5) for first 20 pieces of warts and an additional charge of 8 pesos (US $ 0.17) for each succeeding wart at the Facial Treats in Bulacan. Not bad. In fact, it’s very cheap. The attendant who did my facial was also the one who cauterized my facial and neck warts. She’s very skillful and fast (and she’s a beauty, too!)

Do I hear somebody say “Eeewww, Iris has warts!”

Duh! Almost every body has warts. Mine was not even obvious unless you examine my face under a magnifying lens. I want to achieve a youthful skin and I’m obsessed to always have a smooth skin.

Three days after the cautery, the affected skin has dried up and nobody even noticed that I had a cautery.