My Favorite Celebrities

Note: List is not in order.

1. Dr. Vicki Belo- Vicki’s aura never fails to captivate me. She has that aura of an 18-year old girl; vulnerable and sweet. She seems to be a good friend and a cool mom. Her achievement in the field of aesthetic surgery and dermatology is something to admire on her. Her vulnerability when it comes to falling in love is what most of her detractors has always been highlighting about her. With or without Hayden Kho, this lady will shine and hopefully, her true night-in-shining armor will come.

2. Amalia Fuentes- You can mistaken her as a member of the royal family once you see her old Sampaguita pictures. Her beauty is just elegant and aristocratic. Much more, she is a responsible daughter and a generous sister to her brothers. On the downside, never underestimate this beauty because she can be very vocal about her feelings; thus emitting venomous words against her enemy.

3. Shalani Soledad- There’s much more to being just a pretty face; a cross between Cristine Reyes and Sunshine Cruz. She is the unassuming ex-gf of no less than the current Philippine president. What is admirable about her is her low profile. She doesn’t need any publicity to win; the people are just hypnotized on her.

4. Miriam Defensor Santiago- Call her lunatic, call her menopausal and for sure, this lady wouldn’t care! She will lash her tounge at her enemy, speaking in straight English. She’s a fighter, sometimes perceived as a trapo but let’s face it, most of what she say is true and the lady is not afraid of exposing the truth. She may not be an eye candy in the senate like the beautiful Loren Legarda but her strong presence can be felt whenever she enters the hall: a serious face, calculating stares…ah, her co-senators are just waiting for her next speech.

5. Susan Roces- She is the face that refreshes. Nobody saw her furious in public until she hit ex-PGMA her famous line,”You stole the presidency not once but twice!” I associate Susan with Boots Anson-Roa; their beauty is timeless. They can be sweet and strict and the public will forgive.

6. Manny Pacquiao- He was just a struggling boxer when I first came across his name on the sports section of my favorite tabloid. The man worked hard to achieve whatever he has today. He didn’t steal, he is not corrupt–his riches are the product of the many arena fights that he worked hard for.

7. Sen. Juan Flavier- he was very effective when he was still DOH secretary. He was the only DOH secretary that was so popular to grade school kids. It must be the height? Joke po!

8. Rosa Rosal- I like her for her involvement in charity. She found her true calling and that is to help people.

9. Vivian Velez and Carmi Martin- There’s limited info about these ladies on google. From what I read, Vivian is now happily married to a foreigner while the still very single Carmi has finished a degree in Interior Designing. I admire these two ladies for their whistle-bait figure. Both ladies posses an aura of confidence and class.

10. Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor- I was not even born yet when these two women became a big star. How many of their contemporaries are still active today? Or how many of them are still remembered today? Longevity in showbiz is what I admire in Vilma and Nora. From being an “artista lang,” Vilma is now a politician. Her “kumareng” Nora has her shares of misfortunes but she manages to bounce back after each fall. Much more, her Noranians love her no matter what.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Celebrities

  1. Thanks for including the iconic Amalia Fuentes in your list of favorite celebrities.

    I have always been one of her greatest fans from her Sampaguita days until now.

    She is really the loveliest face of Philippine cinema ever! But what is more admirable is that she is not only beautiful but intellligent as well.


  2. Ms. Amalia Fuentes, Queen of Philippine Movies and a true legend of Philippine cinema. Excellent choice as one of your favorite celebrities.


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