What’s Eating You, Iris?

Me- the physical Iris
Myself- the mental Iris

Myself: It’s quite obvious that you were not able to sleep well last night.
Me: I thought I could conceal the dark circles under my eyes with my stick concealer.
Myself: Nah, it’s not about your face or your eyes….it’s your gloomy aura today. You’re not being your bubbly self today.
Me: You know what I’m going through.
Myself: Hahahaha! Of course!
Me: And you have the nerve to laugh at me?
Myself: Hahaha… Well, Iris. I don’t get it why you’re so affected with the current situation in your workplace! Hahaha.
Me: And what’s so funny about it?
Myself: Haha…you are like a tamed lion. A wounded soldier who refuses to fight anymore. An exact opposite of who you really are.
Me: Iris, things change. Perspectives change. Feelings change.
Myself: And what’s so good about those changes? Surely, those people around you have changed. Maybe in their eyes you’re no longer value-adding to them. But do you stop there? Now is the perfect timing to showcase your talent, Iris. Iris, this is a war. Nobody is exempted. You have to prepare for this war.
Me: I’ve stopped being a fighter after settling down.
Myself: How demoralizing! But you were born a fighter. You are always a fighter! Don’t let your personal affairs hinder you to stop being a fighter.
Me: I am just tired…I want a life of solitude. I want to go fishing with my family…I am content watching Showbiz Central every Sunday.
Myself: Now you’re being a loser. Who wants a loser in a company?
Me: I am NOT a loser!
Myself: Then prove it to me. Prove it to them. Prove it to the powers-that-be! Iris, this is a war. Don’t depend on your boss for protection. Don’t expect the management to be fair. There will be casualties so make a GRAND escape plan. Or maybe join the war and see for yourself if you can handle it. Now is not the right time to cry, to imagine things and to be lax. Iris, this is war. Remember WWI and WWII.
Me: Thanks for giving me those insights. I am torn between joining the war and making a grand escape plan. But for now, I will shield myself against the enemies and strengthen whatever amunitions that I have.