Adi’s Developments

My baby boy is fastly growing up. Everyday seems like playtime when I’m with him. He turned one last September 10. He got a lot of gifts from family and friends. My brother and his wife gave him a bicycle for a birthday present. Most of the gifts were clothes and toys.

He loves to play naughty when he’s with his Ate Chang (A-te means Big Sister). He loves to be mischievous when Chang is doing her homework.

Scene 1: Adi is trying to get Chang’s attention. He called her name.
Adi: Ate
Chang: (looks at him)
Adi: (waves his hand) Lagot ka. Bad ka.

Scene 2: Chang moved to another area to concentrate more on her homework. Adi followed her. He tapped the furniture to get Chang’s attention.

Scene 3: Adi threw his toy guitar.
Adi: Ate, gah! (He can’t pronounce “get.”)

I love to kiss Adi’s chubby cheeks. My baby boy is the reason of my childish happiness. Chang is the reason why I came back to life. Miel is the reason why I manage to keep my sanity intact.