In Your Eyes,Movie

Storm (Richard Gutierrez) meets Julia (Anne Curtis) at the club and is intrigued by her easy-go-lucky character. In the US, Ciara (Claudine Baretto) calls up Julia to check on her and to inform her that they will soon be reunited in the US. Such a contrast on the two sisters’ character; the elder being conservative and hardworking while the younger being fun-loving and easy-go-lucky.

Storm is more attracted to Julia than she is to him. He goes with Julia to the US on a tourist visa and meets Ciara for the first time. He is impressed with Ciara’s caring attitude towards Julia.

Life in the US proves to be challeling to Storm and Julia. Julia, being on student visa, is prohibited by law to accept full time jobs. Storm, an alien with no working visa is confined to do photo printing instead of being a photographer.

Feeling hopeless, Julia asks Ciara to marry Storm so that he can obtain a decent job. Out of sisterly love, the old maid Ciara obliged.

Storm and Ciara gets married and try to live their life as husband and wife under the watchful eyes of the I.N.S. or immigration officials. Julia stays in another room; Storm sleeps with her whenever there is a chance.

There is no hint that Ciara and Storm are secretly attracted to one another until that first spontaneous kiss before the eyes of Ciara’s ex-boyfriend who they chances upon during one of their strollings. Ciara is obviously shaken when she sees her old flame with an attractive new partner and Storm sympathizes with her. The next scene is the so-called disturbing love scene of Storm and Ciara. (I wonder what is disturbing there?) The two keep their affair to Julia although technically, it is not an affair! Julia feels alienated from Storm and her suspicions are validated when she sees her sister and boyfriend kissing passionately.

A heart-broken Julia nearly curses her sister. She and Storm go back to the Philippines in an attempt to salvage their relationship. But Storm feels that he’s in love with Ciara and he makes Julia’s life miserable by ignoring her. The easy-go-lucky Julia suddenly plays a martyr girlfriend who will do everything to keep the relationship until she gives up one day at a time when Ciara decides to give up on Storm, too.

After four years, Storm goes back to the US and meets Julia at the park while she’s taking a stroll with a baby on a pram. Then Ciara approaches them with her husband and gets the baby from Julia. In the end, Julia and Storm reconcile while Ciara leads a happy family life without offending anyone.