Mariel and Robin on Startalk

Are they married or are they not? Who cares? The couple seems ecstatic over their newfound happiness in each other. I’m used to seeing Mariel in her signature boisterous laughter “HAHAHAHA!” But a prim and proper Mariel graced Startalk’s audience last September 18. Could it be Robin’s influence on her? That Startalk episode was one hell of an interview; I could have stomache due to continuous laughing!

Imagine, Mariel was with Robin and his two kids by ex-wife (?) Liezel Padilla. Mariel was replying to an (unseen) interviewer’s question and you could hear Alih talking, too on the background. Distracted, Mariel seemed more surprised to know that she was answering a LIVE interview. So, what’s with that? Well, she’s the host of E-Live on GMA-7’s rival channel, the ABS-CBN. Maybe that was the reason why she was unusually not her euphoric old self all throughout the interview.

Kylie granted an interview, too but like step-mom Mariel, she was also distracted by Alih.

Kylie: Why are you laughing?
Alih: (in his Australian accent) I’m not laughing….I’m just smiling.

Robin seemed to be controlling his emotions, careful not to scold his youngest child. He was holding Alih’s hands but the little boy of seven or ten seemed to be VERY clueless that he and his family were being interviewed LIVE. As usual, when asked about Mariel, Robin would answer as if he was a direct descendant of Francisco Baltazar. I wonder if it was that style that captured the hearts of his many exes. I noticed that Mariel and Kylie were not comfortable to be seated next to each other. In fairness to Mariel, she seemed to be reaching out to Robin’s kids. I hope she could also be good friends with Liezel.

Going back to the wedding issue; Robin said in The World Tonight that he married Mariel last August 19 in Agra, India, home of the Taj Mahal. But Robin, isn’t it a little weird to get married near Taj Mahal since it’s a mausoleum? Or maybe your were moved by Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal’s love story? If that is so, is it safe to say that Mariel would be the last woman in your life?

Robin allegedly married Mariel for the second time in Camp 7, Baguio City. If my memory serves me right, Camp 7 is along Kennon Road. Being a Muslim, Robin’s loyalty to his faith was questioned but he justified the Ibaloi wedding by saying that he is an Igorot and his mother, Mrs. Eva Padilla is related to the Cariños of Baguio City. Joaquin Cariño granted an interview in 24 Oras and explained that Robin and Eva could not be found on the Cariño family tree. Joaquin or Jack is the great grandson of Mateo Cariño, a popular figure in Baguio City. But being hospitable, the Cariños acknowledged Robin as their honorary cousin. In fact, they’re still not closing their doors on him; Robin would just have to prove that they have blood relations. Hats off to the Cariños of Baguio City; they didn’t claim to be related to a popular figure unless they have a proof. If they were not classy at all, they would grab the chance of being related to Robin Padilla. Off-topic, are the Cariños related to the Hamadas who own the Midland Courier?

Read up, I mentioned that Liezel is Robin’s ex-wife with a question mark. I read on PEP that their marriage is not yet dissolved. Is that a premonition that no matter what, Liezel will forever be Mrs. Robin Padilla? I think that Liezel was Robin’s love of his life; it’s just that, womanizing is part of his system. With four kids and a marriage that has yet to be dissolved, Robin and Liezel’s bond will remain. That, Mariel has to live with and accept.