Ponds Age Miracle

Olay is good but Ponds is better; at least I’m speaking from my own experience. I’ve been using Ponds Age Miracle cream for two weeks now and so far, I’m satisfied with the results.

My skin is smoother and firmer with Ponds Age Miracle. I love the gentle scent and it’s also non-greasy. With Ponds Age Miracle, my skin seems five years younger! No joke! I should have taken the before and after pictures and have it posted here. But anyway, you can try it yourself and see if it has the same effects on your skin.

I used Olay when I was in my mid-20’s. It didn’t make a big improvement on my skin unlike with Ponds. Avon’s Anew is also good but it costs higher than Ponds and I don’t like the greasy feeling (messy!).

Now, who says I need make up? A clear and firm skin does not need any make up! Thanks to Ponds!