Hope for the Flowers

To those who were able to read this book, I’m pretty sure you can relate to my post.

Today is our 7th day of consultative workshop with an American consultant. Our team provides the capacity figures of our plants. We have four major plants with several departments inside of it. We usually provide the plant capacity figures on a quarterly basis. Our day-to-day tasks include bottleneck management, shop floor audits, project management, layouting, manpower review and OEE review. We interact with the process owners, human resources department and supply chain group for this.

The integrity of our data is a sensitive topic because it will surely BREAK everyone’s trust in our team. What I hate most is when somebody suddenly realizes that he has alzheimer’s disease; he tends to forget what we had agreed upon in our previous meetings.

To bark at our team in front of a foreigner; much more, a consultant hired by no less than the chairman and owner of our company, is a big NO-NO!

Every organization has politics on it; I accept that. What I can’t accept is when somebody starts to play Pontius Pilate.