Gloria Diaz as Persona Non Grata????

I will say it again and again: FILIPINOS ARE REGIONALISTIC, NOT NATIONALISTIC. We are always classified according to our ethnic groups; be it Tagalog, Visayan, Pampango, Ilocano and so on. I hate people who make fun of Visayans just because of their accent. Likewise, I hate it when Visayans thought of Tagalogs as conceited people. C’mon, we are all Filipinos! We should not make fun of the Igorots, hate the Tagalogs, typecast the Ilocanos as stingy people and the Pampangos as “maluho, wala namang makain.”

I believe that Gloria Diaz was so misunderstood when she said those words. (Please refer to the link above.) In the first place, why would she put herself in such a humiliating and hateful situation at this point of her life? Maybe she was just saying that if a beauty pageant contestant is more comfortanle with her native dialect, Cebuana, in her example, then she should answer in Visayan. I think she’s not meant to generalize all the Cebuanas when she said that if a contestant hardly speaks English or Tagalog, then she should answer in Visayan.

There’s a lot of hatred being expressed upon Gloria Diaz after what she said. A little spanking is fine if that’s what she deserves but some are hitting her below the belt; it doesn’t help the situation. First, I don’t think Gloria has ample time to read all the hate messages across all blogging sites. Second, it simply becomes a battle of ethnicities. One Cebuano wrote harsh things against the Tagalogs when the culprit of this brouhaha is not even Tagalog! Gloria Diaz is an Ilocana.

I remember what Candy Pangilinan did a few years back. She offended the Igorots when she cracked a joke about the Igorots during her out of town show in Baguio. Did she mean it? No. Did she regret saying it? Yes. And Candy apologized. Maybe it’s good for Ms. Diaz to do the same just to clarify and end the issue. I’m sure the Cebuanos will forgive.