Happy Baguio Day!

My five and a half years of stay in Baguio City endeared the city to me. I enjoyed my stay in Baguio and I consider myself an adoptive daughter of Baguio. Let me just reminisce Baguio City when I was a sixteen-year old girl; the Baguio of yesteryears.

My studying in SLU was not actually planned. My mother, who attended a seminar in November 2003 in Sicat Hotel, fell in love with the place and realized that it was more conducive to study there. It came to me as a pleasant surprise because I really wanted to see Baguio.

In one of my early posts, I mentioned that I stayed in PV Boarding Houses. It is owned and managed by JJ Jr.’s mom, Cynthia Pimpinio or simply Ate Cynthia. (A very pretty lady, even without make up!)

I was a freshman in College of Engineering and Architecture when Atty. Rolando Dela Cruz announced that there was a rumor that Henry Sy would extend his SM “Kingdom” in Baguio. It was a feasibility study at that time because compared to now, the population of Baguio in the mid-90’s was not that big. Years later, SM Baguio was erected in Luneta Hill. I wonder what happened to Tiong San.

You can buy a sackfull of vegetables worth 100 pesos in Hangar Market. I miss those days when I was so excited to bring home vegetables from Baguio. Just to give credit to my constant companion at that time, thanks Jun Mejia for being protective of me. This kababayan of mine acted as my kuya in PV.

Before the Korean invasion (peace!), we had a few Korean schoolmates in SLU. Most of them were Korean sisters. I forgot what congregation they belong to. I had a classmate in PE 2, a Korean sister, we usually chat during break time. I forgot her name, my bad! Oh, but I had two Korean boardmates in PV! Bruce came from South Korea while Dong Sop was from North Korea. I was not aware that the two Koreas were at odds; no wonder the two were not too friendly with each other. But they were both friendly to me, especially Dong Sop.

During the mid-90’s, I could go to Session Road in my pajamas and nobody would raise an eyebrow. I don’t think I could do it now; even if Jollibee was just at the ground floor of Prime Hotel.

Camp John Hay was at its best before the privatization. I miss strolling from main gate to Mile High (caution:flying golf balls). I miss that spot somewhere near Camp John Hay Hall; it’s a scenic spot where you can see mountains. Who could ever forget that ROTC ball wherein I was one of the sponsors? (Frankly, if it were not for Allan Orbito, I wouldn’t accept to be anyone’s sponsor!)

I have a lot of great experiences in Baguio City. I’m getting sentimental now. So maybe, greeting Baguio a “Happy Baguio Day!” will do for now.