Aishwarya and Sushmita

Indian women are definitely one of the prettiest people on Earth. When it comes to Indian beauty, it will always be Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen for me.

Aishwarya’s beauty is seductive, one who can make any person stop, stand still and look at her. Her every move seems calculated. She’s every inch the queen, a beauty queen. She knows how beautiful she is and is careful of her every moves. And why not? With a beauty like her, paparazzis would surely wait for her any move that would make her less beautiful. A yawning moment perhaps?

On the other hand, Sushmita’s beauty is one that you can easily relate with. Aish’s beauty is aristocratic while Sush’s is classic. Sushmita possesses that aura of tranquility and humbleness. She knows that she’s beautiful but she’s not overwhelmed by it. She acts very natural and warm.

Others are arguing who’s prettier between the two. It depends upon the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, both ladies are very beautiful. 😉