1994 Ms. Universe in Manila

Random thoughts:

– Charlene Gonzales was Philippine’s candidate in the 1994 Ms. Universe pageant held in Manila. I didn’t find her beauty competitive enough at that time with her big hair and a little baby fat. But the girl was charming; she wowed the judges with her “high tide or low tide? While others find her “high tide or low tide?” lacking in substance, Charlene, a young woman at that time, was just being herself: a bubbly, funny and smart teenager. Her timing in joining the contest was way ahead of her supposed time. Five years after the contest, a better Charlene emerged both physically and intellectually. Had she waited a little late in fulfilling her dream, I think she can make it on the top five.

– Christelle Roelandts (?)- the Belgian beauty was a hit to the local crowd. Her warm smile added to her natural charm. She was young, probably the youngest and her local fan base were mostly male teeners. Did Niño Muhlach tried his luck on her?

– Lu Parker- Ms. USA Lu Parker may not be the prettiest contestant but she was the coolest.

– Faviola Perez Rovirosa (?), Brenda Robles and Minorka Mercado- Latinas are undoubdtedly the hottest contestant in any beauty pageant. Their looks, height, poise, charm and intelligence are something to watch for.

-Michelle Van Eimeren- this Australian beauty captured the heart of no other than Ogie Alcacid. Michelle settled in the Philippines for a short time after she and Ogie tied the knots. She learned Tagalog in this period and spoke the language almost flawlessly. She hosted a mid-morning show with Bing Loyzaga.It was a nice sight to see two beautiful and intelligent women hosting a mid-morning show.

-Dayanara Torres- 1993 Ms. Universe who passed the crown to Sushmita Sen of India. Yari, as she was fondly called, became an actress and TV host during her post-Ms. Universe days. She dated Aga Muhlach before she met March Anthony.

– Sushmita Sen- okay, Indian women are one of the most beautiful people on this planet. In Sush’s case, she was the underdog in the 1994 Ms. Universe. The locals favoured Christelle, Areeya of Thailand, Minorka of Venezuela and yes, Charlene of the Philippines. Until now, Filipinos don’t forget how she answered to “What is the essence of a woman?”