Tug of War or Tug of Love?

Alas! James Yap spoke on TV to let his soon-to-be ex-wife know that he is not happy on how he is being forbidden to see Baby James, the uncouple’s only son. His last bonding with the toddler was two weeks ago when Kris, Josh and Baby James arrived from their overseas trip. But due to jet lag, Baby James opted to rest and sleep instead of maximizing bonding time with his equally famous dad.

The two-time MVP revealed that Kris still has a space in his heart. “Hindi naman agad nawawala yun,” he said.

James decided to hire top calibre lawyers to fight for visitation rights and probably, a joint child custody. In his petition, he wants Baby James to stay with him twice a week (with one overnight), travel with him in Escalante so Baby James can bond with the Yaps there and retain the Yap in Baby James’ surname. Kris must really hate James so much as she’s bent on changing her baby’s surname from Yap to Aquino.

This new twist in Kris and James’ love/hate story started when Kris decided to ban James from seeing Baby James until the annulment case is over. Would James allow that? The answer is clear—NO!

James is fighting for his paternal rights and some people cannot help but comment, “Did he do the same to his elder child?”
I don’t know and we don’t know what kind of relationship James have with his ex-gf. The ex-gf must be very diplomatic; there’s no need for a courtroom drama.

Baby James is in a middle of a tug of war between his two famous parents. Maybe it’s a tug of love. I feel sorry for the kid. He could have enjoyed the company of both his parents had this problem not happened. He could have enjoyed a countryside life in Escalante with the Yaps, get to know his father’s humble beginnings and get a taste of how to live his life away from the spotlight.