It’s More Than a Phone

I am guilty of not being too careful of my late mother’s cellphone. I’ve been using her cellphone since she passed away last May 2, 2009. When I saw her new cellphone in 2008, I fell in love with it. It was a white Nokia 6120C, very slim and very light. It’s a smartphone, too. I tried to apply for a postpaid phone in Smart Wireless in Balanga but my application was denied. According to them, my record showed that my salary was not enough to meet the minimum salary requirements to avail of their postpaid promo. They were referring to my old ITR in 2006 wherein I had two ITR’s: one from my previous employer and the other one from my current employer. I told them that I could request for my 2007 ITR and I could provide my three latest payslips. They seemed unconvince so I did not pursue my application.

After my mother died, I became the owner of her cellphone. It was the cellphone that she used to call me and text me when she was alive. Her cellphone contained all her contacts who became my textmates after she died. I realize how blessed is she for having good friends around her. She was surrounded by several friends while I have yet to develop longlasting friendships from my current pool of friends.

When I woke up last Sunday (July 18) at around 12 midnight and saw that my cellphone was off, I had the instinct that the frequent droppings lead to its hardware damage. I couldn’t sleep that night; I felt so guilty for being too lax in taking care of it.

Monday afternoon, I brought it to a cellphone repair shop and after several attempts to reheat the components, the technician suggested to change the power IC. He was asking PhP1,500 for it. I knew that he was overcharging but I was willing to pay a high price for a phone that contained my mother’s contacts. And too bad, I didn’t save her contacts on my computer!

Tuesday afternoon, the technician texted that despite changing the power IC, the phone would not power on. My husband and I decided to bring it to his friend for a second attempt to revive the unit.

Jimmy could not promise to repair it but he said he would try his best. I was depressed but later on, was trying to accept that there’s a big possibility that it would never be repaired. I lost Mom’s contacts. I hope some of them will find a way to contact me through my existing number. After all, real friendship is supposed to be longlasting.