Yesteryears Topic

What/who do you remember when someone ask you these questions about the events of yesteryears?

1. President- It’s always the EDSA Revolution 1 that I remember. I have a vivid recollection of what happened during the change of government. My parents loved Marcos for all the good things that he did for the country and they also loved Cory for her integrity.

2. Child Actress- I wonder where Bamba is. I thought that Ara Mina and Bamba are one person. For those of you who do not know her, she’s the chubby long-haired girl, a child star during the 80’s.

3. Manila- Rizal Park! I do not hear of anyone from the province who is still interested to see the park now. During the 80’s, Rizal Park is something that provincianas like me shouldn’t miss when going to Manila.

4. Cartoons- Smurf! Who wouldn’t love those blue-skinned tiny creatures!

5. Food- Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was in 1985 when Winchell’s, Mr. Donut and Dunkin were at the peak of their competition. Every student at our school had doughnuts for snack then. One of my classmates, Michelle Robles, whose parents own Michell’s Bakeshop was obviously for Winchell’s. By the way, you can buy Michell’s product at SM malls.

6. News- The news about a group of Satanists who were allegedly responsible for kidnapping young kids and offering them to Satan was a big HIT in 1988. One of my batchmates cried at the top of his lungs when a middle-aged man approached him. This caused school securities to pin down the man. False alarm, he was a bill collector. 😉

7. Fashion Sense- The 80’s had this weird fashion sense with all those big hair, colorful leggings and funny baston jeans. I wouldn’t want to go back to that fashion era!

8. Singer- Madonna! She’s just good at reinventing herself. At 50-something, she can still beat other young singers. Her “Material World” was my favourite then.

9. Song- We Are The World- As a young child, I was just impressed at the song. Period. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t just appreciate the song but the efforts done by the singers in making a beautiful song for a cause.

10. Loveteam- No questions asked, the Sharon-Gabby loveteam of course!